Reading your water meter

How do I read my meter?

If your water meter looks like an odometer, it’s easy to read. If your water meter has several circles in one larger circle, however, the process is more complicated:

First, find the lowest number. In this example, we’ll use the number 10.

If the needle in the 10 circles is pointing to nine, record a nine on a sheet of paper.

The second largest should be 100. Take the number it is pointing to and record it in front of the 9.

If the reading falls between two numbers, always take the smallest. Do this process until you have read and recorded the value of all the dials.

The next step is to decide what measurement your meter uses. Yours will either use gallons, cubic feet, or cubic meters. If your meter doesn’t have the units listed, contact the Utilities Board to determine which measurement your meter uses. (One cubic foot is equivalent to 7.5 gallons. If you are using a cubic foot meter, take your meter reading and multiply the difference by 7.5 to convert your measurement to gallons.)

Meters are not reset between readings. In order to find out how much water you are using, take the new measurement and subtract it from a previous measurement.