Trussville Gas and Water offers financing options that make it easy for our customers to enjoy the comfort, convenience and efficiency of natural gas appliances in their home or business. Once approved for financing, the customer’s monthly loan payment will be added to their Trussville Gas & Water utility bill, making payments simple and hassle-free.

Natural gas furnace or HVAC units, grills, water heaters and generators are all eligible for financing at 6% interest. Any appliance being financed by Trussville Gas & Water will need to be installed by one of our certified contractors listed in the links below:

Natural Gas Contractors
Natural Gas Plumbers

To apply for financing:

The applicant must be a Trussville Gas & Water customer whose account is in good standing.  The applicant must be the property owner.  The below application must be completed and signed by the customer before a credit report can be processed.  Financing will be approved based on a satisfactory credit score and good account standing.

Application for Credit

Once the application is complete, the customer or contractor may fax the application to (205)655-2315 or email it to for approval. Applications are typically processed by the following business day.

Once financing is approved, the contractor will install the natural gas appliance at the customer’s home or business. The contractor will then notify Trussville Gas & Water that the installation is complete and the customer will be contacted to sign financing paperwork at the Trussville Utilities Board office.

By signing the credit application, the customer acknowledges that when financing more than $1,000, through Trussville Gas & Water, a UCC Financing Statement will be filed with the Probate Court to secure our interest in the financed unit.

Please call our marketing department at (205)228-1048 with any questions about financing a new natural gas appliance today.